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All our Italian and foreign customers can contact us, not only for further details on our products, but also, for advices on their optimal use in various fishing situations. All our items are characterized by their high performance but are often very different from those commonly on the market and therefore it is possible that this fact creates some doubt or difficulty of choice. I 'm available with my long experience in  fly fishing for every type of suggestion such as the choice of the most suitable rod for each specific environment, the type of fishing, the tastes and the technical level of the customer, the choice of the most suitable lures to a specific situation or information relating to exotic or unusual destinations or simply updates on the best Italian itineraries.

With an email you can take advantage of all the information that is normally obtained over many years of practice, including news on the environment, market trends and the evolution of European and national policies that most closely concern us.

…...See you soon.

Antonio Pozzolini