SMART large arbour fly reels. totally machined from a bar of aerospatial aluminium, anodized in siler color. Ultra ight and strong with 2 ball bearing + 1 one-way ball bearing in order to change from left to right easily. Powerfull and smooth disc drag with micrometric regulation. A wonderful reel with a very actractuve price for quality.

RSM 23 # 2-3 cm.6,7 gr.115
RSM 34 # 3-4 cm.7,2 gr.125
RSM 56 # 5-6 cm.8,2 gr.137
RSM 78 # 7-8 cm.9 gr.170
RSM 910 # 9-10 cm.9,8 gr.178

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Smart silver

Smart Silver Reel