LLR34 DAP (Designed by A.Pozzolini)

Reel designeded for the use of light and ultralight lines (DT2F - DT3 F and WF4F) has been expressly redesigned to improve its performance. The body holes
are smaller than the previous CLR34 model, to prevent the entry of gravel during the photographs of the fish in the water but, above all, it has two decentralized guides, instead of a single central one, for avoid that the line, during haul, forms an acute angle with consequent wear and groove formation in the thread guide.

It is available both with wooden handle, more elegant (W) but delicate or with a more practical plastic handle(P).

Fully CNC machinedned from aerospace aluminum bar and anodized in an anti-
reflective silver color, is a jewel of mechanics that excels for its functionality and design. .

Equipped with the classic click-paul brake, it can be used both left or right and is equipped with a neoprene bag.
Diameter 7 cm
Weight gr. 90
Price €. 160

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