All our products are guaranteed for 2 years against factory defects of material or assembly.
The guarantee is rendered invalid for damage caused by improper use, modification, accidental falls, use in competition, attempts at repair by unqualified personnel and any other signs that the product has been improperly used. All aesthetic parts of the product, those which are subject to wear and those in which it is not possible to verify improper use are expressly excluded from the guarantee.

Product guarantee

Since these are a semi-finished product which require further production processes to render them functional, our blanks are guaranteed only against manufacturing defects which, naturally, must be notified before assembly.

Our reels are covered by a two year guarantee against manufacturing and material defects.
The guarantee is limited to the original buyer and the guarantee period starts at the date of purchase.


The original buyer should send the product to us either directly or through one of our authorised distributers together with proof of purchase.

For defects in workmanship judged only and exclusively by us the repair or total or partial substitution will be carried out by us with no costs.

For damage/malfunction caused by use, negligence, improper use, accidents or modifications, established at our exclusive judgement, where possible, we shall evaluate the possibility of repair or replacement after agreeing the costs with the owner.
Transport costs from the offices of Pozzolini Fly Fishing to the distributor or to the address of the first owner shall be estimated together with the cost of the repair.


Our fly lines are guaranteed against possible factory defects.
The buyer is required to notify any defect or anomaly within ten days from the date of purchase. After this period the guarantee is automatically cancelled.
The above time limit is due to the particular characteristics of the product and its use such as:

The buyer has the opportunity to verify immediately any manufacturing defects at the moment of winding the line onto the reel.

The fly line is subject to wear from improper use ( practice casting on surfaces other than water)

The fly line can be damaged by hitting objects while casting, be stepped upon or caught in rubbish or stones while fishing



Pozzolini rods have two forms of guarantee.

1) 2years for factory defects
2) Unconditional 5 YEAR guarantee for 2 piece rods of the CARBOLUX, REALCAST and PRECISION series.
Bamboo rods are excluded
Unconditional 10 YEAR guarantee for ICT3, ICT3 PRESTIGE,TC4, and AC4 series rods

For the replacement or repair , the cost of packing and transport for the Europe is fixed at 70 Eu and at 100 Eu. for other countries. + edventual custom duties.

The guarantee is limited to the original owner except where authorised by Pozzolini Fly Fishing. The guarantee period starts at the date of purchase of the rod as stated on the guarantee.


A) in the event of breakage of a rod section the original owner should take the complete rod to an authorised dealer, or directly to Pozzolini Fly Fishing complete with rod case and guarantee.
The rod will be inspected to determine the cause of damage
For damage due to factory defects, determined solely by Pozzolini Fly Fishing, the repair or replacement will be carried out free of charge.

For damage cause by wear, negligence, improper use or accidents determined solely by Pozzolini Fly Fishing, the repair or replacement shall be carried out, after authorisation, at the above fixed cost.

B) In the case of a broken top section it is sufficient to send us the broken section and a new one will be sent against payment as stipulated in our guarantee.