Antonio Pozzolini, the history



Sava Bojniska.
A young Pozzolini fighting a big grayling with a short and stiff 7' " reseghed " rod , filmed by Carlo Rancati. The first document of italian fly fishing style.



Antonio Pozzolini, alias "Pozò la truite" was born in Milan in 1942 and started fishing as soon as he was able to walk, using all fishing techniques for both salt and freshwater. He spent his summer holidays with his aunts in Genova where he daily caught industrial quantities of "bughe" most of which were cooked and preserved in carpione to be consumed during the long foggy winters in Milan. Natural evolution brought him to trout fishing using all the legal methods and his first experience of fly fishing was with the Valsesiana and later in 1965 with a fly line..




In 1966 he became one of the founding members of the Milan Fly Angling Club and as a committee member was responsible for teaching fly casting and rod modification, taking longer rods and shortening them to obtain rods suitable for light fly lines many of which were "loaned" to friends, never to be seen again. In 1968 he designed ( free of charge since this was a Scottish firm) a series of fast actioned rods for Sharpes including a 7' model for light lines. In his free time he worked in the international transport sector which gave him the opportunity to be in contact with the leaders in the fly fishing world and to fish always, anywhere, and however.


Chisiamo_5In 1974 he left Milan for Brescia to be closer to his preferred fishing areas. In 1991 he finally realised his dream and left the running of his transport business to his daughter and started to produce and market fly fishing products, fishing practically every day , to test and develop his products. He has caught all sorts of fish in fresh and saltwater around the world, with the exception, up till now, of tropical waters but he remains, in spite of 47 years of fishing experience, a dry fly fanatic. In November 2010 he sold 80% of Pozò the firm founded in 1992, but after a year and a half since he did not agree with the commercial and technical policy of his partner, he sold the rest of his share and set up a new firm in order to be able to continue to produce fly fishing articles which reflect his "no compromise" philosophy, at times not commercially viable but in line with his technical approach. Although a fanatic dry fly fisherman he offers well designed articles for all fly fishing techniques including saltwater, alternative fish ( he is a good friend of Mauro Borselli) and nymphs of all types.



With this new activity he hopes to continue to go fishing, practically constantly, financed by the new firm and perhaps round off his miserable pension, granted after a life of hard work, selling his excellent products to fly fishermen.