Our rods are produced using the highest quality composite materials and state of the art technology:



This is the material with which I made my rod building debut 20 years ago. This is a composite designed to replace steel in the aerospace industry, totally revolutionary, which, apart from a restitution of power decidedly superior to traditional materials, permits the production of extremely thin blanks, with evident advantages in terms of lightness and aero dynamicity. The fact that this is still a valid material is a guarantee of reliability further demonstrated by the fact that some of the most famous rod builders are attempting to obtain the same results with new research projects.



An exclusive and revolutionary production process which allows us to perfectly compress the materials of the composite and eliminate excess resin. With this process it is possible to obtain rods which are 30% lighter than traditional graphite, with an increased sensibility due to reduced passive rigidity of the resin, with increased rapidity and reliability.


Ultra_Comp_TecUCT ( Ultralight Composite Technology )

The use of special thermoplastic resins and high modulus carbon enables us to produce rods which are light and reliable with a notable dynamic reaction.