Rod actions are essentially and historically three: TIP ACTION – PROGRESSIVE ACTION – SLOW ACTION

TIP ACTION – Only the tip sections of the rod flex

PROGRESSIVE ACTION – The rod flexes progressively from the tip to the butt section

SLOW ACTION – Mid flex. Principally the mid and butt sections flex.

                                                           POZZOLINI ROD ACTION

All our rods can be defined as progressive actioned rods but with different grades of velocity. The velocity is the time required for the rod to return to the rod straight position from the flexed position. The velocity of the rod varies according to the bend in the rod, the dynamic response of the rod materials and the rod length.
All our rods have been designed to guarantee the best performance in precision and distance and to obtain this we vary the rod’s curve according to principally, their length and the use for which they are intended.
In the same series of rods, a 9’ Rod will have the curve more towards the tip and therefore. theoretically, will be faster than a 6’ 6” rod with a more progressive curve which in reality will appear faster given the quicker response time to return to the rod straight position and the lesser curve of the rod.





Action A Extra fast

The rod curve is moved towards the tip with a late flex of the butt. The rod will produce very tight loops at short and medium distance which will tend to open up and overload the rod tip at long distance making the use of the double haul necessary. With shorter rods it will be necessary to increase the casting arc to increase the line speed.


Action B Fast

The rod curve will start with the tip section and will progressively transfer to the mid section. The rod will be capable of aerialising, without double hauling, long lengths of line, with narrow loops in short to medium casts and excellent performance at long distances where, with good timing, controlling the thrust, in order to avoid lowering the rod tip and relative opening of the loop, it is possible to make full use of the power of the butt section.


Action C Medium fast

The but section flexes progressively with the increase of load. Excellent capacity for false casting without double hauling and good performance at long distance as long as the timing and the intensity of the thrust are respected in order to avoid opening the loop. These characteristics sensibly improve the pleasure of casting and have decided advantages when using fine tippets.


Action D Total progressive

The rod has a harmonious curve and describes a semicircle when totally flexed. Casting requires less effort and the rod can false cast at long distance as long as the thrust is controlled to avoid opening the loop.